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Massage Amsterdam North is the place to go for a massage with depth. Designed to suit your body And what you need at that moment! 

Welcome to Massage Amsterdam Noord! We offer a wide range of massages, from relaxation massage to massage therapy, and from trigger point to deep tissue massage.

Our experienced masseur offers you a NO-NONSENSE massage that is fully tailored to your needs.

Petra and Niels have Petra and Niels have completed a Bachelor's degree program at Esoterra and are experts in their field. We have helped many people with various complaints or simply to relax and unwind.

Did you know that if you Did you know that if you have supplementary health insurance, you may be eligible for partial reimbursement of the costs for massage therapy? 

Come visit us soon and experience firsthand the relaxation at Massage Amsterdam Noord.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Foot reflexology Amsterdam

Massage Amsterdam Niels Brouwer

Niels Brouwer

Foot reflexologist I/O

From 7 October, Niels Brouwer will start a 3-year HBO course at Totalhealth.

To get my finger on the technique as much as possible, I am looking for models.

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Don't continue to suffer with complaints.

We are happy to assist you.

Psycholoog Amsterdam noord vitaal welzijn

Marjolein Koeman

MSc degree in pscychology

  • Cognitive behavior therapy  
  • ACT therapy
  • HSP Coaching
Affiliated with
Psycholoog Amsterdam CAT vergoedbaar
GAT Vitaal-welzijn / Psycholoog Amsterdam

Are you unable to resolve it together?

Our therapist will help guide you back on track.

Psycholoog Amsterdam noord vitaal welzijn

Marjolein Koeman

Relatie therapeut

Affiliated with
Psycholoog Amsterdam CAT vergoedbaar
GAT Vitaal-welzijn / Psycholoog Amsterdam

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What clients say about us

Niels is incredibly nice and puts you at ease quickly. With other massages they sometimes start right away and don't really listen to you. Niels first has a calm conversation to find out what you need and then he starts working on the problem. On location everything looks clean and tidy. Clearly someone who has passion for his profession!

Lovely hsp massage Niels, listens carefully to you, very nice and relaxed man and very knowledgeable. Finally warm feet and my trapped nerve in my back feels great again! Niels, thanks for the nice conversation, your wise words and your listening ear. It was a special encounter. See you in the new year😊

A warm welcome from Niels. He really takes the time for you, focusing on what your body needs at that moment. He feels this well and the tension completely disappeared from my body. After the massage I walked home floating on the sidewalk. What a good and beautiful experience, so I will definitely be back!

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Is de plek voor een stevige deep-tissue tot een zachte, relaxing massage.

Ook voor HSP’ers heb ik een speciale massagebehandeling om te de-stress.

We definitely have a massage that suits you.

Many Asked Questions

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What is a Holistic Massage


Een massage waarbij lichaam en geest als een gezien worden. Alle massages die we aanbieden bij Vitaal-Welzijn worden gegeven op holistisch basis. Dat doet niks af van de kwaliteit maar geeft meer diepgang in de massage. Zo kunnen onderliggende klachten zoals stress zich uiten in spanning van de schouder of hoofdpijn. Door voor de massage even te controleren wat er speelt of een klacht is kan er nog efficiënter gewerkt worden.

Yes you can, for example if you have booked a sports massage we can adapt to the massage that suits you better. Of course, this can also be changed from a firm massage such as a sports massage to a relaxation massage or a complaint facial massage.

If you want to book more time you can always, if you let us know before or during your appointment we can see if that is possible.

At massage Amsterdam North

we are going to take care of you during your visit. We have everything you need to give you a massage that does you good.
Some practices require you to bring your own towel that is not necessary with us.
Also for use of any materials such as a cup for cupping massage you pay nothing extra.
A complete massage package in Amsterdam North

Vitaal-welzijn is affiliated with the professional association VBAG, which allows for reimbursement through most health insurance providers' supplementary insurance packages. 

The massage therapy falls under performance code 24017, which is usually categorized as "manual therapy" and/or natural medicine with performance code 24005. 

The amount of reimbursement depends on the type of insurance policy. For any inquiries, please contact your insurance provider directly. It's important to note that only treatments falling under client-centered massage therapy are eligible for reimbursement by health insurance providers. 

Relaxation massages and the purchase of gift vouchers or punch cards do not fall under the eligible treatments for reimbursement.

We are affiliated with the professional association VBAG (Association for the Advancement of Alternative Medicine), and we rock it with style! VBAG is the place where independent, professional practitioners of natural medicine come together, and we are proud to be a part of it!

But that's not all. Niels, our therapist, is not only a member of VBAG, but he is also a registered registered therapist with the RBCZ (Register of Professions in Complementary Care). This means that he meets all the requirements and that his skills are recognized. He is even subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Foundation for Disciplinary Proceedings in Complementary Care (TCZ).

And here comes the best part: thanks to our fantastic connections and registrations, most health insurance providers can reimburse the treatments at Vitaal-Welzijn through their supplementary packages. Just check under the section 'reimbursements through health insurance providers'.

Because we meet the strict requirements of VBAG and RBCZ, we ensure that our practice and approach are top-notch. We continuously attend additional training and education to improve our skills, and our practice management is well-organized. We even have a complaint/disciplinary procedure in place in case anything doesn't go perfectly.

Waarom is massagetherapie zo goed
for your body and mind

  • You sleep better because of it and you sleep better because of it
  • Your state of mind is improved by the reduction of stress.
  • Maintenance of the body from the inside, as waste products can leave the body 
  • Muscles that are used intensively need maintenance, a massage really helps
  • It relaxes the mind, thus experiencing less stress
  • The production of dopamine creates a feeling of happiness which in turn gives you energy
  • Touch does so much to people 
  • An burn-out massage and an interview is partially reimbursed by supplementary health insurance 
  • For specific complaints such as bursitis in the shoulder I have a pain relieving massage 
  • read the terms and conditions here 

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