Bio Marjolein Koeman

Hi, I'm Marjolein Koeman, a psychologist and relationship therapist at Vitaal-Welzijn. Want to know who your therapist is? Keep reading below.

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I am Marjolein Koeman, and I graduated as a levenslooppsycholoog the Open University. The specialization I pursued was "lifespan psychology," which is relatively new and unfamiliar. This master's program focuses on the development of individuals from adulthood onwards, with an emphasis on positive psychology. Throughout my studies, I experienced personal growth. Additionally, I volunteered for two years at the crisis hotline of [organization name]. 113 Suicide PreventionAfter that, I worked for two years as a telephone counselor for people with gambling problems. I am trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and "classic" Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Additionally, I have received training in various conversation techniques and positive coaching. In addition to my work at Vitaal-Welzijn, I also work three days a week in addiction care.

About Vitaal-Welzijn

In early 2020, Niels Brouwer and I started Vitaal Welzijn. We firmly believe in the effectiveness of combining therapy with massage. It brings me great satisfaction to utilize my knowledge and experience to help others. My approach towards clients is open, non-judgmental, and respectful. I often succeed in quickly identifying the core of a problem. I enjoy continuously developing myself to keep my professional knowledge up to date. Therefore, I will continue expanding my range of treatments and services.

My personal experiences

After completing high school, I explored different educational paths to figure out what I wanted. I pursued a year of social work and service and spent two years at a higher laboratory school. Later, I transitioned to studying medicine, but I didn't complete the program and decided to start working instead. Throughout my high school years, I struggled with insecurity and anxiety. To cope with these challenges, I turned to alcohol and drugs as an escape. Eventually, I hit rock bottom and realized I wanted to turn my life around. That was when I decided to study psychology. I am grateful that I have now turned my life around and have the opportunity to help others.