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Bio Niels ->
Hi I am Niels, massage therapist I/O at Vital Wellness and co-owner of the company we started in 2019.

My story, I think, is like a lot of people's. You do something you've been doing almost all your life. Without asking yourself why you are doing it. By that I mean our daily activity WERK.

I am of my 19e year of life been a mechanic. First I was employed by my father as a maintenance mechanic. That was not a success. We used to bicker and argue a lot. Perhaps recognizable if you work within a family business.

Then joined a company as a service technician. A lot of responsibility and long days. And don't give in to the fact that you can't handle it, but keep going. You may know this yourself if you are or have been in this situation.

Where it ended up is that I ended up with burnout and a fat depression, with thoughts of suicide sitting at home (see also my blog).

I then started asking myself what I wanted to do with my life. Fortunately, I soon found out. I was a fanatic athlete when I was young and then I started working out. Because of work and the pressure it took years before I could do anything at all. During the period that I was home sick I started working out again. I even did a training of it and got some diplomas: fitness trainer lvl-1 and two specializations ;-).

Soon I found out that working in a gym was not my thing. I wanted something else. Being busy with the body still attracted me very much. Physio or chiropractor that was all too far fetched. Someone suggested that I could become a masseur. At first I didn't like that and didn't think it would work for me. I thought: "I am a real man and massage is just for wimps".

But luckily I pulled myself together and went on the open day and a day later I was back in school to become a sports masseur. Soon I had bought a massage table and was offering people massages. During my massages I found out that quite a few people were in the same package as me. That's how the idea was born to bring body-oriented and spiritual care together through a massage and conversation with Marjolein.

In the meantime, I became more and more engrossed in the human condition and started taking all kinds of courses. This did not make me happy either. After some research, I decided to look for a trainer who could offer reimbursed care after obtaining my diploma. And specifically massage therapy because there are so many people who get stuck in their bodies because of emotions that cannot be removed.

In the meantime, I have and we have been able to bring a lot of people a lot of relaxation. And that does me as Niels Brouwer a lot of good.

I have resolved to do one thing and that is that you are never too old to learn. The bears that are on the road might actually help you instead of hindering you. Keep dreaming and keep believing in your own story you can do it!!!