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My name is Petra van Scherpenseel. The meaning of Petra is 'rock,' symbolizing solidity and reliability. I strive to embody these qualities in my massage practice as well.

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My name is Petra van Scherpenseel. The meaning of Petra is 'rock,' symbolizing solidity and reliability. I aim to embody these qualities in my massage practice, OmArm. After working in a corporate setting for 36.5 years, I felt a growing desire for a more meaningful way of living and working. Discovering how a good and attentive massage brought me a sense of peace, I realized that I wanted to share this with others. During a massage, I reconnect with my body and find calmness in my mind. Over the past few years, I have delved deeper into various forms of massage and successfully completed several training programs, including Medical Basic Knowledge (SNRO), with great pleasure and success.

And let me tell you something else: I still can't get enough of it. Currently, I am pursuing the accredited massage therapist training at Esoterra, and I will graduate next year.

Due to my extensive experience in the busy corporate world, I can empathize very well with people in high-stress jobs. I have personally experienced how massage can be a valuable support for individuals dealing with (nearly) burnout. Massage has become my true passion. Creating deep relaxation for others is truly amazing. It allows individuals to reconnect with their bodies and emotions.

Together, we will explore potential underlying causes of pain, stress, or tension. I have also attended various massage workshops abroad, allowing me to provide a customized massage experience. This tailored approach intensifies the experience while aiming for better results. By increasing your awareness of tension in your body and facing it head-on, you can recognize it earlier and learn to relax.

Opleiding Massagetherapeut 3e jaars bij Esoterra 
Massage Professional bij Dansage 2022
Massage bij Kanker Esoterra     2022
Pregnancy massage Esoterra          2022
Deep Tissue Esoterra    2022
Transformational Cupping KIM CUPPING2022
Holistische massage opleiding Dansage2021
Bindweefsel massage Massage Academie2021
Medische Basiskennis Pro (HBO) niveau Con Amor2020
Hotstone – en Kruidenstempelmassage en Bone Setting Welness Academie2020
4 Handsmassage Thailand2019
Introductie Dansage en Practionair I (Ibiza) Dansage2019
Chin Wit, Kokosstempelmassage, Japanse gezichtsmassage Sabaaydi2018
Cupping, Energetisch Hoofdmassage, Klankschaalmassage, Lage rugpijnmassage, Hoofdpijnmassage, Zonnevlecht2018
Tok Sen International Training Massage school2018
Opleiding Ayurvedisch massage therarpeut  Jade Opleidingen2017
Chinflex Basis en Tradional Thai Footmassage Total Health2011
Management Economie en Recht Hoge school van Economische Studies2002
Sportmassage NGS Leffelaar1994