If you are suffering from burn-out, a massage can help you to unwind. At Vitaal Welzijn in Amsterdam Noord I work together with a psychologist to get you back in your body again. Often burn-out symptoms are an accumulation of previous events. This causes excessive stress and the body has no energy and the mind has no desire anymore.

At Vitaal Welzijn we have joined forces and started working together to tackle Burn-out complaints with a massage and a talk with a psychologist who is also in-house. This way we work on two fronts at once to help you get rid of the complaint.

Marjolein Koeman psychologist(MSc)  works through short clear sessions with you to see light at the end of the tunnel again. Niels Brouwer massage therapist works on the body and ensures that built up tension can leave the body through massage.

Burn-out Amsterdam Noord

Burnout massage holistic approach

Why klachten like addressing burnout in a holistic way? There is a simple answer to that and that is that body and mind are one. An example is that when you feel dejected you schouders hangen en je nergens energie voor hebt. Terwijl als je lekker voelt je zin hebt in het leven en je lichaam voelt bruisen van energie.

Tackling burnout with a massage can make the energy flow again and reconnect you with your inner self. Which in turn has the benefit of grounding you and connecting you to the world.

The conversations with Marjolein are open and transparent and provide a clear, lucid picture. In this way, contact with yourself can be sought in an easy way. Often this is the key to a more pleasant but also lighthearted life. Severe stress complaints are often a precursor to a burn-out.

Therefore, we invite everyone to invest a little bit in yourself. The energy it takes outweighs the time and money it costs.

Burn-out massage Amsterdam Noord

Psychologist and Burnout

Often we have an idea with psychologist of stuffy, boring and tedious conversations. At Vitaal Welzijn we take a completely different approach. Marjolein has a clear mission in her talks and that is to help you further with your complaint. She uses the latest insights and techniques to help you get rid of your complaint quickly.

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A conversation can be difficult at times, but once the obstacles are broken down then there is room again for renewal and insights that were not there before.

By joining forces in this way, we can properly address burnout with a massage and a conversation. In addition There is an additional benefit to be gained by booking the combination of massage and conversation at the same time. Conversations with Marjolein are partly reimbursed by the supplementary health insurance. This means you get part of the reimbursement and the combination is also attractively priced.

Benefits at a glance

  • No waiting time: you get your treatment quickly
  • With us you are not a number but we look at the person
  • Cooperation of body and mind are promoted by our collaboration
  • Partial reimbursement possible if you have supplementary insurance
  • The practice is located in a very easily accessible location in Amsterdam Noord
  • This combination of therapy is for HSP’ers een must
Would you like more information about the combination click here, Het is echt maatwerk en we gaan zorgvuldig te werk bij het maken van een passend pakket.

Research has also been done on the effects of massage. click here To read the scientific research