Chakra massage

Are you energetically out of balance then a chakra massage can definitely help you. By using a massage technique that aims to bring balance in the chakra system. And bring you back into your body. After a chakra massage you leave the practice recharged and relaxed. This fine relaxing treatment is aimed at calming your energetic system. Through this massage you will reconnect with the earth which is experienced as very pleasant.

Before I start with the massage I will discuss with you what is bothering you. Based on this I will start working to address the complaint. Physical complaints can also cause complaints in the chakra system. By working on the energetic system as well as the physical system a deep relaxation is often the result.

This massage is designed to get back into the body through multiple massage techniques that I have learned:

  • Chakra massage
  • Holistic pulsing
  • Reiki massage
  • HSP massage

With the experience I gained in providing chakra massages, I am now well versed in providing a massage that is energetic but not with all the bells and whistles that are often added. This way you get a massage that exactly fits your needs. Or a massage that I put together on the spot. No pre-programmed massage, but a tailor-made one and that is what you come to a massage practice for.

Chakra massage door Niels brouwer

I am Niels Brouwer and I provide this massage from my practice in Amsterdam Noord. As said I am completely down to earth. But I am convinced that there is more between heaven and earth. During my education I came into contact with the power of Reiki. Because of this I also started to deepen myself in the teachings of the chakras. By reading various books and undergoing and learning the massage technique, I became convinced that through this massage negative energy can be removed. And there is room for clear and new energy.

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