Running in Amsterdam Noord

hardlopen Amsterdam noord

Hardlopen Amsterdam noord  of ben je een echte pro? Wil je goed voor je lichaam zorgen dan kan massage het verschil maken. Hardlopen Amsterdam noord een leuke hobby door de vele mooie loop routes. Wat maakt hardlopen nu zo leuk en toegankelijk voor iedereen? Je doet je schoenen aan en gaan.

People often forget that running is indeed a serious sport that requires more than just putting on your shoes and going. Proper preparation and possibly receiving lessons from an experienced runner are highly recommended.

How can I assist you in getting even more enjoyment out of your new or existing hobby? By offering a massage specifically designed for runners. In our practice in Amsterdam Noord, we provide specialized massages for both novice and experienced runners.  

With the help of a course dedicated to massaging the muscles most susceptible to running-related injuries, I have developed a massage that specifically caters to the beloved sport of many Dutch runners.

The goal of the treatment is to loosen up the muscles and tendons in the legs, resolving any built-up tension. The massage techniques used help relax the muscles, eliminate waste products, and provide nutrients to the tissues. Think of it as injury prevention to incorporate occasional runner's massages into your routine.

Does massage help with running?

Hardlopen Amsterdam noord

A massage can help keep your muscles supple and facilitate the faster elimination of waste products from the body. The benefit of this is that you recover more quickly from training sessions, allowing for faster growth due to the positive effects of massage. Nutrients necessary for cells and muscles can be absorbed more efficiently, while waste products, such as lactic acid, are flushed out of the body through massage. 

I also focus on the tendons that connect muscles to the bones during the massage. These tendons are often poorly perfused, making it difficult for them to eliminate waste products and receive necessary nutrients. By targeting these areas in the massage, we can improve blood circulation and support the overall health of the tendons. 

Do you want to derive more enjoyment from your sports activities and continue without experiencing unpleasant issues for longer periods of time? Then consider getting a runner's massage every 6 weeks. In Amsterdam Noord. I have already assisted several individuals in preparing for the Amsterdam Marathon with a massage. It helps prevent injuries and, most importantly, allows for a pleasant running experience.

Common complaints

For every type of sport, there are specific complaints that many athletes experience. In the case of running, the lower legs are particularly prone to issues and injuries. 

(Did you know that during the landing phase on the foot/landing leg, an average of 200-300 kg is absorbed?)

Complaints in the calf Calf complaints are quite common. With a targeted approach, tensions stored in the calf can be released from the body.

Cramps in the hamstrings Cramps in the hamstrings can occur due to a lack of regular stretching exercises. Cramping or sharp pain can be the result.

Tension in the knee (patella): Due to the frequent tension in the quadriceps muscles, knee problems can arise.

There are indeed many more complaints that can occur while running. Do you have a specific complaint? We would be happy to help get you back on your feet so that you can safely run many kilometers again.

Are you currently under the care of a physical therapist? We are happy to collaborate with other therapists to provide you with the best possible care by complementing their treatment with our massage therapy.