Holistic massage Amsterdam North

holistische massage Amsterdam Noord

Let the healing process begin with a holistic massage in Amsterdam North. Body and mind come together again. Through this process negative energy can leave the body. Experience that tensions stored in the body make way for renewed strength. A holistic massage in Amsterdam gives back strength and energy.

How does a holistic massage treatment in Amsterdam work?

Often you yourself know very well what is going on and where the complaint is. This gives us a good starting point for the massage. I use massage techniques that make you aware of your body again. Because this brings you back in touch with yourself, a Holistic massage works very well for many complaints. Like:

  • Stress and burnout
  • Sleep problems
  • Tensions
  • Energetic problems

Through a holistic massage in Amsterdam North you will feel the energy flow through your body again after the treatment. In short, a very nice massage where many clients are completely recharged after the first time. Lees hier hun ervaring met mij

Can also be combined with an interview

By combining two good things: a massage and a conversation with a coach, we have the ultimate combination together under one roof. By working together with Marjolein Koeman, psycholoog, We work in a sustainable way to make you relax and to keep you relaxed. This combination is partially reimbursed by the health insurance when you have supplementary insurance.