HSP Massage Amsterdam

How good that you are looking for relaxation. I give a massage especially for HSP's in Amsterdam and beyond. I am also highly sensitive and I know exactly what you feel and what you are going through. For this massage that has been developed especially for HSP's I have followed a training. It allows you to completely relax and get out of your head. The HSP massage is a combination of techniques in which the chakras are treated. With this relaxing massage you as an HSP can relax completely and get back to earth. The massage room is soothing and is designed so that you do not get too many stimuli. A space where you can relax for an hour as an HSP. 

What does an HSP massage actually entail? For this massage I have followed a training which allows me to I was able to delve into a massage that brings relaxation especially to highly sensitive people. The massage also works on your internal energy distribution through the chakras. HSPs often have an excellent connection to the upper chakras. The lower chakras, especially the first chakra, are often closed. Because of this, grounding is often very difficult or fails altogether.

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As a massage therapist, I hear many of the same complaints such as:

  • Being in the head a lot/having a lot of thoughts
  • Cold feet or hands
  • muscle tension
  • Alertness/ continuously on
  • Not being able to ground properly or at all

What can an HSP massage do for you:

  • Calming your nervous system
  • Reduction of stress hormones
  • It increases inner balance
  • Grounding effect
  • Less overstimulation

What I hear a lot from clients who have been to me for a massage is that they just uit hun hoofd geweest zijn. Even helemaal weg. Niet in slaap maar ertegenaan. Ontspanning, rust en balans in het systeem.

HSP massage Amsterdam north

A customized massage and then completely tailored to you to minimize your irritation. This means that I will send you a short questionnaire before the massage starts. Here are questions to give you the most comfortable and carefree treatment possible. For example:

  • Whether or not you want fragrance in the massage oil 
  • The color of lighting in the massage room
  • The warmth of the massage table
  • Towels with a neutral scent

The HSP massage itself is a very gentle massage where little pressure is used. It is a massage that is given slowly. Thus the (parasympathetic) nervous system is addressed, which aims to calm the body.
Do you have really specific symptoms due to excessive muscle tension? Then together we can see what I can do for you. These massages are relaxing for the muscles and can be a bit sensitive. We go through all this before the treatment.

Collaboration with Marjolein Koeman

It is also possible to have talk sessions with Marjolein Koeman. She is a psychologist (Msc) and has extensive work experience with people. Her empathy and the peace she radiates is very much appreciated by clients. The goal of her therapy is to give peace in your head through ACT.

She can help you with the following obstacles/ blockages:

  • Stress from lots of stimuli and information processing
  • Unable to let go of thoughts and keep thinking about them
  • Having a negative self-image because of what others think of you
  • Difficulty distancing oneself from the emotions of others

This is some of the obstacles/ blockages that may be there. But she can also help you with other problems you may experience as an HSP. She has an extensive package of knowledge to advise you well.
If you have supplementary insurance, the consultations will be partially reimbursed by your health insurance*.

Her practice is located next to the massage practice: everything under one roof. Her space is quietly arranged so that there are not many stimuli or over stimulation takes place.

HSP massage combined with conversation

It is also possible to book a combination of a conversation with Marjolein and HSP massage with Niels. This way you work in two areas to get more peace. The order is first a conversation with Marjolein, this way you can express feelings in a conversation. Tensions that are then evoked can leave the body during the massage.

Deze combinatie is er helemaal op gericht om je tot rust te brengen.