Do you suffer from painful muscles or joints? Then a complaint-focused massage in Amsterdam can definitely help you. By Holistic By looking at people, we can work in a goal-oriented way. I apply the knowledge I have gained by attending various courses, by doing internships (still) with prominent physiotherapists and by gaining work experience. But also by being interested in the human body and the functioning and position of muscles. And by looking and thinking in a solution-oriented way. By now I have helped many people with complaints through a complaint-oriented massage in Amsterdam.

Because there are also complaints that I, as a masseur, cannot cure, I will refer you to another therapist if necessary. Before the treatment I will send you an intake form to get an idea if I can help you. If I can't help you I will explain this and refer you to another professional or help you think about appropriate help.

With what complaints can I help you? Below is a small list:

  • Neck and shoulder complaints
  • Low back pain complaints (lumbago, lumbago)
  • Ex Corona patients
  • Chronic pain
  • Tennis arm/golfer's arm
  • Stress complaints that manifest physically
  • Complaints that are professionally dependent
  • Complaints that arose while practicing sports

    Do you have a different complaint or want to know what I can do for you? Then contact me by filling out the contact form or send me an app.

A treatment plan for a complaint-oriented massage

To achieve the best possible result and to be able to see if the massage has an effect, I will draw up a treatment plan in advance. Sometimes I will ask you to perform certain exercises to Gain insight of the condition before the massage and after the massage. In this way we can see if the complaint is getting less and if another way of massaging is needed. Often I will give a number of stretching exercises to loosen stiff and rigid muscles so that the effect of the massage can be enjoyed longer.

Indien er geen verbetering is of als ik het idee heb dat een andere professional het beter over kan nemen zal ik dit met je bespreken, zodat je de zorg krijgt die jij nodig hebt.

Ik gebruik massage technieken waarvoor ik gecertificeerd/ gediplomeerd ben, denk hierbij aan:

  • Cupping massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports massage
  • Bamboemassage
  • Energetische massage
  • Fascia release

    Met behulp van deze gereedschapskist met technieken en de kennis die ik opgedaan heb zal een klacht niet lang meer een klacht zijn.

Hoplijk tot snel!