low back pain massage

Are you looking for a way to get rid of your lower back pain symptoms? Or would you like more information about how I might be able to help you? Because I have a special massage technique for this complaint and have taken a course, I know where the painful areas are. Therefore, this low back pain massage can bring quick relief and reduce/disappear the symptoms. The treatment aims to bring relaxation to the lower back. There may be a brief sensitive moment in this massage when tension is released. In contrast, the pain/complaint is relieved immediately. I have already helped many people with a lower back pain massage. Don't walk around with this complaint! I will gladly help you get rid of it. See also the client reviews who have already had this massage and what they think of it

What can be a cause low back pain symptoms?

  • Do a lot of standing work
  • Sitting in the car for long periods of time
  • overload
  • Sports (muscle tension)
  • Stress/tight posture (having it on your hips)
  • Working from home

Lage rugpijn Massage

This is a small sample of situations that can be overloading and result in complaints. Often these are muscles that have become overloaded. A massage can bring relief because waste products in muscles and tendons are removed from the tissue. Because of this the tissue will be better supplied with blood, which has the advantage of less tension and less pain sensation.

In dit gebied komen veel spieren en zenuwen samen of lopen langs elkaar heen. Vaak zijn het de spier M. Piriformis en zenuw N. Ischiadicus die problemen veroorzaken zoals lage rugpijn.

How do complaints/symptoms express themselves?

Many clients who come to my practice often suffer from complaints in the same region. Moreover, I know from my own experience where it is and how it feels:

  • Left or right in the lower back, just above the pelvis
  • Back sides of the legs
  • Side of the hips
  • In the hip itself

After the treatment I give you You will receive exercises for yourself at home so you can benefit more from the massage and complaints will stay away longer. This treatment can also be combined with other treatments I give. A A massage that is customized or a sportmassage combines well with this massage. Since I have mastered multiple massage techniques (such as cupping and Deep-tissue, among others), I can adapt the low back pain massage in such a way that it is always effective.

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