Massage for athletes

Massage for athletes are massages that are put together to provide a treatment that is composed specifically for a sport. But also for a regular sports massage Of course you can come to me. A specific sports massage is completely focused on a sport and the common complaints that unfortunately belong to it. If there is an injury the healing process can be positively influenced. Are you being treated by a physiotherapist? Then a massage can certainly be an addition. 

Sports massage

This massage ensures that you are quickly recharged for the new day. A firm massage that ensures good circulation in the muscles. Here by the acidification built up during exercise or other intensive activities can easily leave the body. So that you are quickly recovered.

Even for non-athletes, this massage can help with recovery from exercise.

Do you have a certain part of the body that needs more attention, an arm or a leg because of a sport you do? Let me know and together we will create a sports massage that suits your needs.

Specialized sports massage in tennis players

This massage is completely focused on the tennis player. The prevention of injuries has a high priority. This massage focuses on the arm (tennis arm), shoulders, neck, calves and ankles. 
Massage can serve as prevention, if an injury is already present a massage can certainly contribute to the recovery from it.

Specialized sports massage in runners

Specialized sports massage for soccer players

As of September 2022, the massage is bookable.

Specialized sports massage for cyclists

From September the massage can be booked