massage therapy Amsterdam

At massage therapy Amsterdam you will be helped by Niels Brouwer, accredited massage therapist with 5 years of working experience as a masseur. Through my holistic view and approach, complaints that have arisen can be relieved or eliminated. Together we look where I can help you with a massage to get back in balance.

My massage therapy is eligible for reimbursement if you have supplemental insurance. The therapy falls under "Naturopathic treatment." (alternative care).

Diploma Esoterra Niels brouwer

After 3 years of intensive training at Esoterra, I received my diploma as an accredited massage therapist. I obtained my basic medical knowledge according to plato at Esoterra.

Massage therapy in Amsterdam, is it for me too?

Are you looking for therapy where the body and mind are treated together in a therapy session? Then massage therapy in Amsterdam might be the solution. I can help you regain balance and restore contact between body and mind.

I use various types of massage techniques such as classical massage, deep-tissue massage, holistic pulsing, energetic massage. I have learned these over the years during my training program to become an accredited massage therapist. With a holistic approach (body and mind) and a combination of different techniques in my treatments, I have already helped many clients.

  • Physical complaints
  • HSP complaints (scriptie overgeschreven)
  • Stress and Burnout Complaints
  • Chronic complaints
  • Supplement to treatment physiotherapist 
  • Spierreuma/ fibromyalgie
  • Sport-therapie 
  • Holistische massage 
  • postnatale massage
  • Trigger-point massage

Do you have doubts whether treatment could help? Feel free to contact me to discuss whether I can help you with a massage. If you are under treatment by a specialist, please ask to be sure if a massage and is allowed in the process you are going through. Zo voorkomen we veel teleurstelling. 

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intake massagetherapie

Before the first session, I conduct an intake to establish a proper treatment plan. On average, this takes 10 minutes. I like to start the treatment itself as soon as possible. 

Reimbursement by health insurance

Massage therapy is often (partially) reimbursed under the supplementary insurance policyCheck with your insurance company to be sure you can get reimbursed for treatment. Massage therapy falls under "natural medicine.

Example: if you are insured with Zilverkruis with supplementary two stars, you will receive €40 reimbursement up to a maximum of €250 per year. See website Zilverkruis. 

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Therapeutic & complaint-oriented treatments are partially reimbursed by health insurance if you have supplementary insurance.  

Always check with your health insurance there are exceptions, 

CZ group (CZ Direct, Nationale Nederlander, OHRA & Delta LLOYD) massage therapy is not reimbursed.
DSW, Zorg en Zekerheid and the Amersfootse only reimburse natural medicine by BIG restored practitioner

I am affiliated with:

VBAG massage Amsterdam
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What are the costs?

De kosten voor een sessie massagetherapie zijn € 68,- dit is een consult/ behandeling van 60 minuten. 
Als je aanvullend verzekert bent dan kan je tot een bedrag tot €40,- terug krijgen via de declaratie via je zorgverzekering
Zo is een massage nog betaalbaarder geworden dan die al was bij Vitaal-welzijn.

*vraag om te teleurstelling te voorkomen na bij de zorgverzekering na of massagetherapie 24005/ 24017 vergoed wordt.