Neck and shoulder massage Amsterdam

Deel vergoed bij aanvullende zorgverzekering

For a good neck and shoulder massage you need to be in Amsterdam North. Partly due to the many work at home, many people now suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders that have become painful. By a posture that is not quite right complaints can quickly arise. Sore and stiff muscles cause the complaints that often creep in slowly. At some point you can no longer sit and look normally because of the complaint. Then a pain relieving massage of neck and shoulders is very welcome. You get rid of the complaint quickly, because I work in a targeted way.

Nek en schouder massage Amsterdam

Get rid of that aching neck and shoulder with a massage in Amsterdam North

Some of the benefits are:

  • Often completely painless
  • Extensive experience with this massage, see many comments from clients on Google
  • Fast acting: often one or two treatment(s) are enough
  • No needles required (dry needling)
  • 45 minute massage neck, shoulder and back
  • Sometimes these massages are partially reimbursed by the employer!

This form of massage is totally different from a physical therapist. Often physiotherapists unfortunately do not have time for an extensive massage to loosen the neck and shoulders. Fortunately, you can go to a massage therapist to get rid of this complaint.

Nek en schouder massage Amsterdam

Sore shoulders and neck from working from home are common. We work a lot with our arms far out in front of us or have our hands leaning on the laptop keyboard. The head a bit forward, because the screen is a bit lower. This causes complaints that are annoying and can even cause headaches.

"I went through it myself in the first lock-down"

Personally, I know how troublesome it can be when your neck and shoulders are bothering you.

After yet another attempt to use a tennis ball and a roller to loosen up my neck and shoulders, I stopped. I explained to my friend how to massage a neck and shoulder. Thankfully I'm rid of it Now you!!!

Do you want to get rid of the pain fast and feel the freedom of movement of neck and shoulders again? Then make an appointment with me in Amsterdam. I have a practice in Amsterdam North near the end stop of the north/south line.
Are you coming by car? There is always plenty of parking near the practice. 

If you have multiple complaints then a A massage that is customized maybe something for your being