Relaxation Massage

In need of peace of mind? Then enjoy a relaxation massage to get back into the body. Adding a moment of rest to the day can reduce stress. This way, muscles are relieved of tension making everything feel loose and free again. A relaxation massage also contributes to your vitality, because it helps to remove waste products from the muscles. This massage cares for body and mind in a holistic way.

Often the body says far in advance that it needs rest, the mind often says it can do it some more. This creates stress in the body causing it to become unbalanced. Pain between the shoulder blades due to hunched shoulders, a headache at the end of the afternoon or restless legs during or just before sleep? Take a relaxation massage to get rid of the tension.


Relax massage Amsterdam noord

Gentle or a firm massage

Often when you are completely stuck in the body, a firm massage, given with attention, can reconnect with body and mind. By using various types of massage techniques:

But also a gentle massage by can bring a lot of relaxation to the body by massaging slowly. This strengthens the connection between body and mind.

I give all my massages in a holistic way. Every person is different in his or her massage needs. So you get a relaxation massage that fits your body exactly. No pre-training massages, maar een die alleen voor jou is samengesteld tijdens de massage.

Are there specific complaints such as neck and shoulder complaints or pain in your back? Everything can be discussed and integrated into this treatment!

Did you know that research has been done on the effects of massage? click here to read about it.

relaxation massage and conversation

Are you at the point where you are getting completely stuck? Do you have no more energy in your body and is everything becoming too much for you? Possibly you have burn-out of zit je er tegen aan. Een ontspanningsmassage kan dan zeker helpen om rust te brengen in je lichaam en geest.

At Vitaal Welzijn we go one step further by combining a massage with a talk a psychologist. Marjolein Koeman provides her talks from the same practice. Her form of conversation is accessible and can quickly lead to other insights. A good conversation with attention for you. She can offer help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Somberness
  • Stress
  • mulling
  • HSP

We want to make sure that you can get the best out of yourself again by finding a good balance. A good balance between body and mind allows for relaxation so you can enjoy the things you do more.

We offer this unique combination in our practice, all under one roof. Because everyone should have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves, we offer this combination in a total package.

Marjolein Koeman psycholoog
Calculation sample

A relaxation massage of 60 minutes €65, - + a conversation of 60 minutes €95, - is €160, - together.
We bieden deze combinatie aan voor €145,-
Are you supplementary insured then you can get a part reimbursed (around €40, - at Zilveren Kruis) in this way you work on physical and mental relaxation for net €105, -.

Vfor employers

This is also a win-win combination for employers. Less absenteeism due to physically and mentally strong and healthy employees.

Often a chair massage is very nice! A massage and conversation is more than just a quick fix.

Would you like more information about options we offer? We offer customized packages.

Where is the practice located and who are we?

The practice is in Amsterdam North next to the end stop of the North-South line and here we are very well accessible by public transport. We are Niels and Marjolein of Vitaal-Welzijn. Marjolein is a graduated psychologist MSc. Niels has followed a HBO training as massage therapist.

We are both members of a professional association to provide the quality and assurance you want as a client. No self-inflicted therapies or crafts.

Our slogan is also: At Vitaal Welzijn , you are in safe hands.

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See you soon in Amsterdam North!