Hi I am Niels Brouwer massage therapist and I am co-owner of Vitaal-welzijn. Together with Marjolein Koeman psychologist we work together on the mental and physical health of people.

Massage Amsterdam Niels Brouwer

My story:

After a 20-year career working as a service technician in testing, inspecting and certifying lifting equipment, I found myself sitting at home in 2018 with burnout and depression symptoms.

During this period, I started asking myself what I wanted and what I definitely did not want to do with life anymore.

I found that movement helped me with the release of thoughts and that it also helped me regain control of myself.

Then I started exploring what else I could do. I trained as a fitness instructor and did an internship at the VU sports center. There I found out that fitness instructor was not my thing.  

But I was triggered by the body and movement. That's how I came to take a course in sports massage.  My interest was piqued and there arose the need to learn more about massage.

To this day, I have not stopped learning and I am in the process of getting my 4-year college degree in massage therapy. I am almost there and because of this diploma, my massage therapy will soon be partially reimbursed.


Who is Niels:

I am a quiet and patient man who likes to be ready to help another person. Because I found out later in life that I am interested in learning more, I am extra driven. With this drive and desire to learn I am working towards becoming a top massage therapist.

And I am a true HSP. After much self-examination, reading about HSP and writing my thesis on HSP, I have now embraced this "curse," as I used to see it. I do a lot by my gut and that works very well for me.

Because I am now more in touch with myself and feel what is good for me, I am better able to help others. The position of massage therapist is right up my alley!

Besides work, I love taking vacations by car or train. You can find me regularly at the gym to keep connected to my body. I love Italian and Spanish food. Furthermore, I love to keep developing and continuing my education. This way I stay up to date in the field of massage and more. Furthermore, I love massages in various styles to build in a restful moment in the day.

Why should you choose me?

There are so many massage therapists offering their services that even I myself sometimes don't know where to go.

Are you looking for a massage therapist who has a thorough education and who looks beyond the body? Do you have a complaint or do you come for a nice moment of relaxation? With me you get a massage that is completely adapted to your body. No set or routine or a pre-rehearsed massage. Everything is adapted to your needs and body. Meanwhile, many clients come back to my practice for this form of massage.

Will I see you soon?