Postnatal massage
Amsterdam North

I provide a postnatal massage in Amsterdam Noord. Do you want to get back into your body after a heavy load and regain balance as a result? Then enjoy this treatment given from a holistic human perspective. I am Niels Brouwer, accredited massage therapist. I provide a massage where you can completely relax and get out of your head back into your body.

Your body has worked hard over the past 9 months, so it could use some well-deserved rest. Pregnancy puts different forces on the body. Tires and muscles are slowly stretched. Thus, your body is stressed in many more ways, making it important to get some rest after the massage.

Through this treatment, your body comes back to rest and built-up tension can leave the body leaving room for renewed energy.

some benefits of a postnatal massage in Amsterdam

By adapting this massage to your body and massage style, it works for a long time. A nice moment to come back to the here and now and instant maintenance for your body.

  • Tensions in muscles are reduced and waste products can leave the body
  • Fluid retention in the legs/calf can be reduced by massage
  • The fascial tissue (connective tissue) can recover again

Added to that is the work your body does after the first few weeks. Sore shoulders and a tender lower back are common complaints I hear about in mothers of newborn babies.

What can I help you with?

I provide a massage that treats complaints that I find common. Tension between the shoulders is often less or gone after one treatment. Neck pain caused by leaning forward a lot is quickly a thing of the past. Lower back complaints can be caused by tense hamstrings and the tendon plate on the side of the thigh. All complaints can be treated well with a postnatal massage in Amsterdam.

I am Niels Brouwer accredited massage therapist I have massage training of 3 years at the college level. With this I want to indicate that you are in safe hands with me. I am also a member of a professional association to ensure quality for my clients.