Trigger-point massage

Trigger-point massage

Trigger-point massage, what kind of massage is it and can it help me get rid of muscle knots? In this blog I am going to tell you what trigger-points are and how you can get rid of these annoying complaints through a (self) massage. It is a common complaint that many people suffer from. Fortunately, you can also get rid of them. Read along?

We have a top 5 of the complaints we frequently encounter in practice:

  • Headache
  • Neck complaints
  • Shoulder complaints
  • calf complaints
  • Complaints of arms

This is a small list but, of course, there are veer more complaints that can be caused by trigger points. One way to get rid of them is through massage. In this method of treatment, we do NOT use needles!!!. At most, we use tools for this purpose to spare the masseur's thumbs or fingers.

What is a (Myofascial) Trigger-point?


I am going to explain that to you in a short and simple way and teach you to feel if you can also perceive them in yourself. That is not difficult at all.

What exactly is a trigger-point? To explain that, we need to know how muscles are built and how a muscle works. I give a brief description here. For more detailed information, I place a link naar wikipedia.

Take an arm as an example: there are several muscles in it that allow arm to bend or stretch. For example, the M.bicep. This muscle is made up of all the muscle fibres lying next to each other and held together by connective tissue (fascia). Each muscle fibre in turn consists of smaller parts: the sarcomeres. The sarcomere can shorten by being able to slide into each other because myosin (hooks) and actin (hooks) interlock by controlling nerves and a number of chemicals that cause the muscle fibre to contract.

Now the muscle fibre may not be able to relax the sarcomere containing the myosin and actin are stuck and cannot separate from each other. This may be because either not enough oxygen or other substances can reach the fibre. What results is that the supply is blocked in several places and a Trigger point develops.

This explanation is in a nutshell, there are many more processes that can cause a trigger point. lees hier meer over trigger-points.

Now we know roughly what a Trigger point is and what can cause it. Of course, there are also other factors that can cause myofascial trigger points.

trigger-point massage on self-examination:

I will explain to you how to find a point where there is a trigger-point or how to feel in yourself if you have them. It is very simple: put your left or right forearm on the table with your hand flat on the table. Now start pressing (lightly) on a point on the skin with an index or ring finger. Press very gently or just a little harder until you feel structure under your finger. Now very slowly move your finger perpendicular to the direction of the forearm. Now, if all goes well, you can feel the muscles of the fingers running. If you feel a hardened strand running there and start following it carefully, at some point you will come across a small ball, or trigger-point. This way of working is called palpating. Now that you have found a point you can gently massage it, it doesn't have to hurt.

We have trigger-points in muscles all over the place that do not cause pain but can cause restriction in the muscle. Bending an arm, not being able to open your mouth too far or other restrictions can be caused by trigger points.

Now that you know how a muscle works, what a trigger-point is and how to find them, what should you see in a masseur or massage therapist? I'm going to explain that to you in the next block. It is very nice for the brain to know what is going on so you can more easily bring the complaint and pain home....

Why go to a masseur or massage therapist?

Going to a masseur is obviously very nice. After all, your body also deserves to be in top condition without any obstacles. It could always be that a complaint arises due to a fall or an accident or some other way by which you hurt yourself. In this case, let me use the calf as an example. You are a runner and you do it for fun, but you also like to take your mind off things for a while, to do nothing. You do your run and when you get home you stretch a bit or you think it's fine and skip it.

With running, you are working the body quite intensely, especially the calves. The constant tensing and relaxing of the muscles and absorbing the shocks with the muscles can cause sore points in the lower leg over time. A good sports massage can do a lot of good to loosen the waste products that have accumulated so that they can be absorbed into the lymphatic system and thus leave the body.

A trigger-point just won't be chased away so quickly with just a sports massage. This requires some knowledge and a good masseur or massage therapist has this in-house and can quickly make a plan of action to remedy a complaint. Your masseur will also be able to give you advice on how to continue the treatment yourself at home. This way, as a client, you will spend less money but you will also learn to look more consciously at where a complaint can come from because of a trigger point.

I am Niels Brouwer, massage therapist and I have completed a 4-year training to help people with physical or mental complaints. I did my training at Esoterra massage therapy and I also obtained my basic medical knowledge there. By taking several in-depth courses, my knowledge of the human body is good. I also recognise what I cannot treat and will never perform a treatment on someone for whom I have no diploma or knowledge.

Therefore, I also advise clients to look carefully and inquire whether a therapist or other specialist is good in his field. Also, never let yourself be talked into a series of treatments of at least 10 or 15 sessions. After 3 to 4 treatments, there should be results and your complaint should diminish or you should notice something of a change.

I did my training in trigger-point massage at Triggerpointcoach in Bussum. There I am currently taking the 2-year course "Integral Myofascial Therapist". This is taught in modules where there is a lot of freedom to gain knowledge and experience.

I want to make a massage (trigger-point)!

Are you inspired or want to get to know me and my methods? You can: I provide many complaint-oriented massages. And by now I have helped many people get rid of complaints or relieve pain. 

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