neck- shoulder massage Amsterdam

For an effective neck and shoulder massage you should be in Amsterdam. Because  of working at home, many people suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders that have become painful. Symptoms can quickly arise due to a posture that is not healthy. Painful and stiff muscles cause the complaints that often creep in slowly. At a certain point you can no longer ignore the pain. A pain-relieving massage of the neck and shoulders is very welcome at that point. You quickly get relief from the complaint, because I work in a problem focused manner. Get rid of that painful neck and shoulder with a massage in Amsterdam.

Some advantages are:

  • Often completely painless
  • Extensive experience with this massage, view the many reactions from clients on Google
  • Quick relief: usually one or two treatment(s) are enough
  • No needles needed (dry needling)
  • 45 minutes massage of your neck, shoulder and back
  • Sometimes these massages will be partly reimbursed by your employer!

Sore shoulders and necks from working from home are common. We work a lot with our arms far out in front of us or rest our hands on the laptop keyboard. The head a little forward, because the screen is a bit lower. This causes complaints that are annoying and can even cause headaches.

neck- shoulder massage Amsterdam

Get rid of the pain quickly? and feel the freedom of movement of neck and shoulders again? Then quickly book an appointment with me in Amsterdam. I have a practice in Amsterdam Noord near the terminus of the north/south line.
Are you travelling by car? There is always sufficient parking space near the practice.

A treatment lasts 45 minutes and costs €52,50. * If you are a student, you will receive a 10% discount on a treatment. Click here for more information.

If you have multiple complaints, a custom massage might be more suitable for you.